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After the previous massive new artist announcement, we're proud to announce yet another legendary artist, this time from our own backyard: Isis van der Wel aka Isis!

Find more about who she is and what she does below. For regular updates on Isis, follow her on Facebook and Soundcloud. Also make sure to pay her website a visit.

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"In the 1990s Isis was the first Dutch club DJ with a mix album in the national charts. Around that time she primarily played house and techno, but after 2000 she expanded her style. Characteristic for Isis' sound is the combination of electronic and acoustic influences. Her versatility within the dance genre can be seen as her creative signature in which harmony is at the centre, both in her selection and her DJ sets as a whole."

Isis, formally known as 100% Isis, is one of the female pioneers in the global electronic music scene. She kick started her career at age 17 with a residency at Club RoXY (Amsterdam) from 1992 to 1994. From that moment on, she started her long running international career, performing at famous venues and festivals all over the world in Europe, the US, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. She’s played in numerous clubs, events and festivals including: Glastonbury Festival (UK), Creamfields (ES), Ultra Music Festival (Miami), Winter Music Conference (Miami), Fusion (GER), Sensation White (Amsterdam), Kater Holzig (Berlin), Boom Festival (POR), Pacha (Ibiza & New York), Space/DC10/Amnesia (Ibiza), Rex Club (Paris), Tresor (Berlin), Fuse (Brussel), Bar25 (Berlin), The End (London), Club RoXY (Amsterdam), The Cat & The Dog (Tel Aviv), 10 Day Off (BEL), E-Werk (Berlin), Cocoon Club (Frankfurt), Welcome To The Future Festival (Amsterdam), Studio 80 (Amsterdam), OHAF (Amsterdam), Awakenings (Amsterdam), Landjuweel (Ruigoord), Shoeless (Amsterdam) and Mysteryland (NL).

Isis is most interested in exploring vulnerability and humanity in music. Her style is marked both by melodic and acoustic influences, but not bound by a singular approach – her music is idiosyncratic, emotional and versatile.

In 2002 her talent was recognized globally and she was ranked in the top ten female Tech-House DJ’s on the planet. In 2003, she became known as one of top 600 DJ’s worldwide. In 2009, The national 5th of May committee declared Isis as Ambassador of Liberty for the Dutch Independence day. This honorable title allowed her to join the Dutch queen for the annual Remembrance ceremony and to perform five big shows throughout the country. In the same year, Isis released her track ‘Liberte’. In 2010 she was appointed as ‘Nachtburgermeester van Amsterdam’ (Nightlife Ambassador of Amsterdam), and served as such for its 2-year term. Her function was to monitor the nightlife of Amsterdam and to build bridges between local politicians, entrepreneurs, artists and their audience.
As a co-founder she established the first Magneet Festival in 2011, a crowdsourced festival that uses an online co-creation platform in order to assist in the programming of the event, a pioneering concept in Europe. Until 2016 Isis was co-owner and creative director electronic of Magneet Festival.

Isis is based in Amsterdam and in 2014 finished her remix project ‘De Doe Maar Remixen’ which contains remixes by different artists of the Dutch legendary band ‘Doe Maar’ that was released on her record label All is One.

Throughout her career as a DJ, she has performed in remarkable venues and for exceptional occasions, for instance as support act for a private concert of Prince in 1993, presenting her work to His Royal Highness Prince Willem Alexander in 2009, playing for 100.000 people at the Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2010 and performing at the official unification ceremony of Croatia with the European Union. Three of her mix albums have reached top 10 in the Dutch album charts. In 2014 she has the honor to remix Beethoven’s 5th for ‘Slag Om Arnhem’ together with ‘De Gelders Orkest’.

In 2011, Isis received ‘the lifetime achievement’ GK Award. In April 2012, Isis celebrated her 20th year as a professional DJ at a sold-out event in Paradiso (Amsterdam). This marked a milestone in her career, making her one of the first professional and successful female DJs in the global dance culture.


Isis live @ Georgie's Wintergarten 2016, Ruigoord

Find Isis' live recording of her set at Georgie's Wintergarten 2016 here.

Isis live @ Slowmotion Club, ADE 2016

For Slowmotion Club back in October during last year's Amsterdam Dance Event, Isis played a downtempo set, which was recorded and can be found here.

Isis - Samhain (KROOKS Offcast)

For the label KROOKS Isis created a pallet of music that inspired her:

"The name of this Offcast is Samhain. This is one of the eight Celtic celebrations of the year in which we honor the end of the summer. We look back at the previous period, honor the dead, take leave of all that we no longer want to carry with us and with that we create room for something new. So everything you hear in this Offcast is in line with the spirit of this time of the year. I think it’s important to know our culture and roots in order to know where we are heading too."

Find the podcast here.


This year Isis will do a tour as part of her 25th anniversary in the business. Please write back to Nina if you are interested in booking a date.

On Saturday April 2017 it's exactly 25 years since Isis started her long-running professional DJ career. In the mid-nineties she was the first Dutch club DJ whose mixed compilations were internationally charted, and from that moment on she began travelling the globe, playing shows on all continents.

Since the year 2000, Isis expanded her career by organising events and festivals under the banner All Is One. In 2006 Isis founded the eponymous label, on which she among other things released remixes of the legendary Dutch band Doe Maar as an homage, exactly 30 years after their final concert.

Next to that, Isis has contributed to many events and festivals, both conventional and innovative, such as Magneet Festival (of which she is a founder), Mandala Festival, Mysteryland, and of course All Is One at Ruigoord.

In the period 2010-2012 Isis was Nachtburgermeester (Night Mayor) of Amsterdam, and as such, she was partly responsible for the current 24-hour permits in the capital. Furthermore, she is now part of mayor Eberhard van der Laan's team of experts advising him about the nightlife in Amsterdam.

25 years DJ Isis @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

In honour of her 25 year anniversary, the grande dame of the Dutch house scene will play a 6 hour solo set in the main room of Amsterdam's legendary Paradiso venue. Find the event here.

Dutch newspaper Het Parool featured her event as well. Find it here.


25 Years DJ Isis tour

29/04: 25 jaar Isis @ Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL
12/05: Healing Garden @ Erkemerderstrand, Zeewolde, NL
13/05: Radion Weekender, Amsterdam, NL
19/05: VWS @ Velo, Wateringen, NL
20/05: The Living Village Festival, NL
03/06: Kinder muziek festival @ Ruigoord, NL
03/06: Sugar Factory, Amsterdam, NL
09/06: Mandala Festival, Wanroij, NL
10/06: Promised Land @ De Ven, Velsen, NL
10/06: Urban Resort, Amsterdam, NL
22/06: KLM Women on Board, Amstelveen, NL
01/07: Manifestival @ Ruigoord, Amsterdam, NL
08/07: Roest, Amsterdam, NL
09/07: Kinder muziek festival @ Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen, NL
15/07: Wildeburg @ Recreatiegebied Netl De Wildste Tuin, Kraggenburg, NL
21/07: Gin Fizz, Tilburg, NL
28/07: Open Up festival @ Kasteel de Berckt, Baarlo, NL
29/07: The Light Side of The Full Moon @ Pllek, Amsterdam, NL
30/07: Thuishaven, Amsterdam, NL
05/08: Landjuweel @ Ruigoord, Amsterdam, NL
12/08: Muziekpark, Boxmeer, NL
17/08: Psyfi, Leeuwaarden, NL
19/08: Allnighter @ Sugar Factory, Amsterdam, NL
06/10: Neushoorn, Leeuwarden, NL
07/10: Rewind, Lindenberg, Nijmegen, NL
09/12: Allnighter @ Tivoli de Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL

Color photos by Gitte Spinder
Black and white photos by Berbe Rinders


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